We maintain a growing fleet of 3D printers which are set up to be able to print in a number of filaments including PLA, ABS, ASA, TPU and other specialty filaments.

Our flagship printers are our two Markforged machines, a Mark 2 and Onyx One. The Mark 2 is capable of printing functional parts from Markforged’s proprietary “Onyx” nylon/carbon fibre blend, and is capable of re-inforcing the parts with continuous fibreglass, kevlar or carbon fibre.

We also have 2 Prusa Mk3s+ machines, 5 CR10s-Pro v2 machines and will be very soon adding to this capability with our first resin printer.

This provides us with the opportunity to print in a wide range of materials, and at a number of price points. For our automotive parts we typically utilise ASA due to its UV resistance and tolerance to the temperatures often found in cars when parked in the sun, however we can source a wide range of materials to suit a specific requirement.

Through a constant re-investment process we are regularly improving the range of equipment available to manufacture our products and have recently included a Mosaic Palette 2 unit which enables multiple colour or material prints to be produced. This unit also enables Nautia Engineering to utilise the remnants of our material spools by enabling us to join short lengths of filament together rather than throwing them away.