Gen 4 Pajero Power Source Replacement Panel


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This panel is designed to replace the 12v power supply on the lower right hand side of the Gen 4 Pajero centre console.

It can compliment the Card Holder panel, or be installed as a stand alone item.

Panel as shown has 3 Push switch slots and a slot for an iDrive. The iDrive slot can be substituted for another push switch (on its side, so best for USB charger), or many of the other items, please contact us to discuss your options.

The Mitsubishi switch slots offered will fit Mitsubishi style push switches. Many other accessories designed for Mitsubishi slots have a slightly different size, shape, and need a customised mount. If you want to use Mitsubishi accessories, please contact us prior to order to discuss.

Additional information
Upper Row

iDrive, HikeIT, 29mm Round Hole, Toyota Tall on Side, 3x Toyota Short

Lower Row

3x Toyota Tall, 3x Toyota Short, 3x Carling Rocker, 3x Mitsubishi

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